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CHARTER MEMBERS ~ 1980 — 2023

John A. “Jack” BelsomJanet Bourgeois GiroirCarolyn Vedros Laurent
Susan Waguespack LaurentLoren Mulheisen LevetDwayne A. Montz
Rose Marie Stagg PerillouxRuth Pertuit TheriotIrene Marks Vicknair
Ascension Parish LibrarySt. Charles Parish LibrarySt. John the Baptist Parish Library

Active Members

Alan J. Oubre
Hattiesburg, MS
[email protected]
n/a Oubre, Huber
Darryl J. St. Pierre
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
[email protected]
St. Pierre St. Cyr Miano Candela Tramonte Circello
David J. Hubbell
Mobile, AL
[email protected]
n/a Hubbell, Robert, Paille, Songy, Waguespack, Hymel, Guidry, Simon, Troxler, Schexnayder, Faucheux
Denise J. Williams
Lakewood, CO
[email protected]
n/a Berthelot, Brignac, Brou, Buquoy, Fontenot, Granier, Guitreaux, Helfre, Hotard, Keller, Leche, Meigler, Spingler, Vicknair, Villic, Weber
Don Paul Landry
Luling, LA
[email protected]
Montz, Zeringue, Bishof, Leche, Anglade, St. Amand, Rixner
Gwen Hanna
Maurepas, Louisiana
[email protected]
Lang, Madere, Millet, Pfister, Triche, Vicknair, Waguespack, Zeringue
James L. “Jim” Bickett
Charlotte, NC
[email protected]
Cieutat, Tamplain, Bethancourt, Levet, Madere, Duhé, Mury, Perilloux, Vicknair, Tregre
Jay M. Schexnaydre
Thibodaux, LA
[email protected]
Schexnaydre, Robert, Waguespack, Letulle, Bourgeois, Haydel, Becnel, Simoneaux, Landry, Keating, Blouin, Trabeaux, Hartmann, Barbier, Dugas
Karen Sibley
Walker, Louisiana
[email protected]
The Louis Tregre Family Tregre, Triche
Kathleen LeBlanc
Luling, LA
[email protected]
n/a Hubert dit Lacroix, Carmouche, Chenet, Chaler, Dorvin, Robert, Zeringue, Faucheaux, Waguespack, Edelmeyer, Belsom, Kinler, Arceneaux, Troxler, Andre, Brou
Kenneth J. Keating
LaPlace, Louisiana
Aucoin; Bergeron; Borne; Boudreaux; Bredy; Broussard; Daudmon/Dodemon; Griffin; Hymel; Keating; Kerne; Letulier; Weber
Lucy Forsyth Dugas
Convent, LA
[email protected]
n/a Dugas, Fulcher, Forsyth
Mary F. Gury
Peoria, Illinois
[email protected]
Louisiana River Parishes Crozet, LeBoeuf, Moroy, Trepagnier
Mary Lynn Hyde
La Jolla, California
[email protected]
Plantations; Ancestral Origins Becnel; Chenet; Druilhet; Poché; Webre
Randall Anthony Tassin, Sr.
LaPlace, Louisiana
[email protected]
Barré, Becnel, Borne, Darensbourg, Granier, Gravois, Haydel, Hymel, Marmillion, Perret, Rodrigue, Roussel, St. Martin, Tassin, Troxler, Webre
Robert Rousselle
West Hempstead, NY
[email protected]
n/a Anton, Berthelot, Carriere, D'Arensbourg, Deslattes, Hauptman, Haydel, Hymel, Lavergne, Perret, Roussel/Rousselle, Trosclair
Susan W. Laurent
Lewisville, TX
[email protected]
River Parishes Families Breaud, Froisy, Luquet, Madere, Simon, Vicknair, Waguespack