Mutinous Women

If you are a fan of Mutinous Women by Joan DeJean, you will want to receive the 2023 issues of
the GACHGS’s Les Voyageurs. Our regular contributor and researcher extraordinaire, Susan
Waguespack Laurent has compiled genealogies of most of the passengers on the two ships, La
Mutine and Les Deux Freres. Some include two and three generations. Working with
information shared with her by Joan DeJean, Susan Laurent has consulted numerous sources
including records in Mobile, New Orleans, Pointe Coupee, Natchitoches, Natchez, Old Biloxi and
Illinois. Some of the material Ms. Laurent presents was excluded from Ms. DeJean’s book
because of the constraints of the size of her publication. In this upcoming series of articles, the
readers will find materials and information that would take many hours of research while
consulting numerous published and unpublished sources.
These and other articles to be published in Les Voyageurs over the next two years will be of
interest to many descendants of Louisiana families. Articles such as the Abadie family, also by
Susan Laurent; the ancestors and descendants of Pierre Marcel Breaud, again by Susan Laurent;
and the Paolo Miano family of Italy by Darryl St. Pierre that includes records from Italy. And we
surely will have others, maybe some submitted by our many followers on Facebook.
If your local library or genealogy society does not receive copies of Les Voyageurs, your yearly
membership of $20 will be well worth the information. Go to the GACHGS website, Download the Membership application and send it in. The
Society can only continue its work of research and publications with the support of more
members. You can submit your family genealogy and probably find relatives. What about
sharing some old family histories that will preserve the little-known stories of our ancestors as
well as the places and times in which they lived?