St. James Parish - Towns

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In this section we hope to provide as much history and some photos from throughout the communities in this parish. Local landmarks, old buildings, schools, and business with local German-Acadian Coast names. More information will be provided soon.


Canefields with view of Sunshine Bridge in the distance

Helvetia Sugar House

J. I. Hymel Store

J. I. Hymel Store

Sugar Cane in late June (Wilton Plantation)


Manresa House of Retreats (formerly Jefferson College)

An oak alley in front of Manresa (this land forms what is known as College Point)


St. Michael Rectory

St. Michael School


Colonial Sugars

Veterans Memorial Bridge

Grand Point

Perique Tobacco Barn (LeBlanc Street)


Veron's Supermarket

St. James

Acadian Memorial

St. James Sugar Co-op


Sunshine Bridge


Cazenave Ford

Graugnard Furniture

Schexnayder's Supermarket

St. Joe Plantation Store


Overview | Courthouse | Churches | Libraries | Plantations | Town Photos


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